Vietnam Refugees:


Refugees After the Fall of Saigon 1975

Refugee Camps in Malaysia

Bidong - Galang

Refugees (wikipedia)

P. X. Quang a young refugee & USNavy pilot

Reflection on my karmic Vietnam (DTPhan)

Myths, Lessons and Closure (PXQ Video)

Vietnamese who found new lives: from the BBC

The Experience of Viet-Refugee Children in USA

Passages (DTPhan)

Wake Island 1975 Refugee Pictures

32 years (TNBX)

Story of escape from Viet Nam

Refugees' Memories



Evacuation from the North in 1954

Vietnamese refugees board LST 516 for their journey from Haiphong, North Vietnam, to Saigon, South Vietnam during Operation Passage to Freedom, October 1954

Little Known Refugee Rescue

Statement Released by the White House (Yale Law School)

R. Turcotte's Operation Passage To Freedom (Pictures): 


USS SKAGIT: Hanoi to Saigon September, 1954


USS Skagit: Haiphong to Saigon  8/18/1954 - 5/20/1955


The greatest mass evacuation in world history