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                                          Things to remember

Illegal Immigrants Enrolled in Obamacare

Illegal Immigrants VS Americans at the border

HUGE California Traffic Tickets Fines for2011
Montebello High School in California
I'm Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen

 Biggest Demonstration in US History: DCTeaParty09 

Cao Commemorates “Vietnamese Refugees Day”

Reading the biggest Newspapers in the world

DCK: Life Renewal


Foreclosure Hits Towns

VN communists demolishes the Apostolic Nunciature

Prescription cost Dictionary: English - Française - Vietnamese

This should open our eyes

The man who saved millions of lives

Question Socialist Econo

Escalating invasion activities of China

Letter to my children:

U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services  
  * English &  pdf 

Second Anti-China Rally Over Disputed Islands

  * Française Jos Cao, First V-American Elected to Congress
  * German (Dutch) Illegal aliens in Los Angeles
  * Vietnamese United Nations Voting Records

Prison vs. Work

Vo Van Kiet gave orders to kill unarmed American POWs

Islam: Pictures from London  Vietnamese Journalist Questions 'Socialist Economy

Relax: How to Make Perfect McDonald’s-style French Fries at Home